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Meet Our Team

All of our driving instructors have an Occupational Driving Instructor License, a license that is obtained throughout the Department of Motor Vehicles after meeting all California State requirements. The State of California requires driving instructors to complete an instructional program for a minimum of sixty (60) hours covering traffic laws and motor vehicle safety. Also, instructors need to pass physical and background tests, have a clean driving record and have strong communication skills.

All our Driving Instructors are employees supervised by the school driving operator, and they are not independent contractors.

Annie F.

Office Manager

Yelena L.

Assistant Manager

Teresa Farell

Driving School Manager

Pamela Barron

Driving Instructor

Antonio Brito

Driving Instructor

Carrie Meek-Rios

Driving Instructor

La Shon Hunter

Driving Instructor

Jeremy Koepfer

Driving Instructor

Alice Rangel

Driving Instructor

Juan L Cortes

Driving Instructor

Jacob Fields

Driver’s Education Classroom Instructor

Mike Maia

Driving Instructor

Evelyn Jones-White

Driving Instructor

Stanley Velasquez

Driving Instructor

Ian Farell

Driving Instructor Manager

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