• THE BEST!! I wish I could give them 7 stars, or even more. The lady at the office by the name of Theresa is very kind and thorough. As far as instructor goes, you must insist on getting Frank Garcia. He is very professional extremely knowledgeable. As the instruction progresses, you will feel so confident that you know you won't be nervous about the test on the date of test. Remember; practice make it perfect. Spend enough time with Frank and you sure will be confident to pass the DMV test with flying colors.

    Young M.

  • I signed up for five 2 hour driving lessons and everything went great. My instructor was Tony B. and he was a great instructor. Taking these courses with him is highly recommended.

    Jonathan R.

  • I want to thank my driving instructors profoundly for their excellent work and taking their time to teach me all the driving techniques and what it takes to pass the driving test. Because of them I was able to pass the driving test and I feel so confident with my driving. Kanor is the best driving school.

    Xitlali S.

  • I went to the DMV, passes the test and received my permit to drive. However my permit wasn't valid until I was enrolled and received at least on hour of be hind the wheel training. So the search began. I called place after place getting quotes and prices, and when I called Kanor Driving School I immediately knew that this one was the best one I had found. For starters, they come pick up and use their car. This I found to be a great convenience. There cars are clean and easy to get used to. And there prices are affordable. There instructors are simply amazing. All three times I went on a 2hr lesson I learned more and more. They know all the laws, and they know how to instruct even better. I took my last session the day before my Drivers Test, and PASSED with only 1 error!! And I owe it all to Kanor Driving School.

    Matt P.

  • Very satisfied with the school. My class is with Tony B., a very professional and experienced instructor. He will push you to remember everything until they change into your own driving habits. Pamela is my other instructor. She is a caring person that trained me to change my driving from 0 to skillful. Jonathan in customer service was patient and helped me to coordinate everything, even checking the appointment availability at the DMV. The owner Teresa is a very nice and helpful person. It has been nice to work with these people!

    Donita C.

  • Thanks Kanor. My daughter passed her behind the wheel test with flying colors. Key is to practice a lot, ride with Kanor day before the actual DMV test :)

    Sandy S.