• For teens that already have completed their driver’s education and have obtained their Provisional Driver Permit or adults who wish to have brush-up lessons and improve their driving skills. This package consists of three lessons conducted in 2-hour intervals. Our professional instructors will teach students the basic maneuvers of handling an automobile safely and a brief introduction to road signs, intersections, and right-of-way rules as is required by the State of California. Teens can expect Parents must understand that although this is a minimum requirement it won’t be enough time to learn everything we would like to teach our students; therefore, parents may consider to register for a larger program depending on the type of advanced skills they would like to obtain for their teens. Upon of completion of the 6 hours course our school will issue a certificate (form DL 400D). This behind the wheel certificate is needed to get the driving road test at the DMV. It is advisable to take these lessons within one month if teens do not have any driving experience prior their first lesson with their driving instructor, however if they do have some prior driving experience, teens can spread these lessons within the period of time they need to hold their learning permits to be able to qualify to get their driver licenses; this will assure not to forget what their driving instructors taught them before their driving test at the DMV.

  • This package includes FREE pickup and drop off for all your driving training appointments.

    Note: If you live more than 30 minutes away from our headquarters in the city of Cypress (5663 Lincoln Avenue, Cypress CA 90630) there may be a $5 charge for picking you up outside of our service area)