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  • Meet Our Team

    All of our driving instructors have an Occupational Driving Instructor License, a license that is obtained throughout the Department of Motor Vehicles after meeting all California state requirements. The State of California requires driving instructors to complete an instructional program for a minimum of sixty (60) hours covering traffic laws and motor vehicle safety. Also, instructors need to pass physical and background tests, have a clean driving record and strong communication skills.
    All our Driving Instructors are employees supervised by the school driving operator, and they are not independent contractors.

  • Ailyn Mejia

    Ailyn is our office coordinator for our school, she is in charge of answering inquiries from parents, students, staff, and other clients in regards the Department of Motor Vehicles driver license applicant requirements. Ailyn also acts as office receptionist greeting and directing visitors; schedules and coordinates meetings for students and instructors, as well as assisting with registrations, payments, and confirming appointments. Mrs. Mejia is bilingual.

    Spoken languages: English and Spanish

    • Contact me: contact@kanor.net
  • Frank Garcia

    Hi, my name is Frank Garcia, and I enjoy teaching driving skills to students of all ages and backgrounds.  I have 15 years experience as a road test examiner as well as customer service.  I can help students that have no skills to students who just need to brush up on their defensive driving and rules of the road to pass the written and driving test with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
    I served in the United States Navy for four and a half years.  Half of those, attached with the Marines as their combat medic.  I did training in different medical emergency scenarios. I traveled to foreign countries such Japan and Korea as part of my military training. I've also been to Canada, Puerto Rico and different states of the U.S. 
    I am married and have two teenage boys.  My hobbies are cooking, gardening and watching movies on Netflix.  I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and camping.  I take pleasure in basketball, racquetball, and tennis.

       Spoken Languages: English and Spanish

    •  Availability: Monday - Friday from 8:00am-8:00pm
  • Pamela Barron

    Hi! My name is Pamela Barron. I am a fully qualified instructor and a certified CPR Responder. I know this is the most important time of your life learning to drive. So too is choosing the right driving instructor. I have worked with students of all ages and in all weather conditions. Your in-car instruction in automotive control, defensive driving, and risk management is my area of expertise. I will instruct you on the California Vehicle Code information and the fine motor skills necessary for earning your California driver's license. I look forward to learning with you. So hurry and book your appointment today.

    Spoken Languages: English

    •  Availability: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 1:00pm-8:00pm
  • Antonio Brito

    I have been working for Kanor Driving School for over twenty years now, I consider this is a very good company to work for in many ways; but more important than anything is that I love what I do, teaching a new driver to be a safe driver. My goal is to prepare students not only to pass the driving test but to prepare them for many unexpected driving situations; I may have to be very strict at times with my students like when I am teaching anything to my own two teens at home; but, when it comes to safety, I believe no one can ever be too careful. I am at your service, and I hope to see you soon behind the wheel. !!!

    Spoken Languages: English and Spanish

    •  Availability: Monday - Thursday from 7:00am-7:00pm. Friday from 7:00am-4:30pm. Saturday from 7:00am-11:30am
  • Veronica Perez

    Hello, my name is Veronica Perez, I have over forty years of driving experience both in safety and defensive. As a driving Instructor, I will ensure that my students have an advantage as beginners by sharing my experience that I have from 40 years of driving. Times have changed, and I have become very aware of what students need to think about and watch for that may put them in danger on the roads. I enjoy my interaction with students and get satisfaction from knowing they have had their 6 hours and 50-hour additional training which will ensure for a successful experience on these busy roads.

    Spoken Languages: English

    •  Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday from 1:00pm-8:00pm
  • Paul Cooper

    I am an instructor working for more than 48 years as a driver rehabilitation specialist. I work with Kanor Driving School and with selected medical facilities in California.
    I have worked with vehicles equipped for all physical disabilities and diagnosis. At Kanor, we customize our cars with adaptive equipment such as hand controls, foot controls, spinner knobs, and many others. 

    Spoken Languages: English

    •  Availability: By Appointment Only