• A single lesson of 2 hours. This lesson was designed to evaluate the skills of a new or experienced driver. We recommended that you choose this lesson if you have previous experience behind the wheel but have doubts about whether you are ready or not to take your driving test at the DMV. This lesson will help you to brush up your defensive driving skills to save lives, time and monetary efficiencies while driving in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others: drivers, bicycles, and pedestrians, so it would be easier to pass the DMV examination test. However; this lesson will also be very helpful if you do not know how many lessons you should take in order to be a safe driver, or have the confidence to be on your own after you get your driver license. After you take this lesson you and your driving instructor will have a very good idea how fast you can learn; therefore, you can discuss with your driving instructor about what would be the best driving program to take.

  • This package includes FREE pickup and drop off for all your driving training appointments.

    Note: An additional $5.00 per hour training will be added to our regular price  if you live more than 30 minutes away from our headquarters in the city of Cypress (5663 Lincoln Avenue, Cypress CA 90630) for picking you up outside of our service area).