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  • Adult Drivers Education

  • Adult drivers ed is for anyone 18 or older. We offer lessons to adults who would like to learn how to improve their driving skills, pass the road test, or have their driving skills evaluated for their employer, family, or doctor. Kanor Driving School provides comprehensive driver education to adult students, teaching them to drive safely and responsibly. We emphasize quality, enjoyable instruction and convenient scheduling. 

  • Our California drivers education program for adults is designed specifically for students who are 18 years of age or older. You can begin today on your journey to getting your license, AND do it where you want to.

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  • We offer private tutoring one-one to help students to understand the laws and rules of the road in California. These classes are set in two hours increment per class. These private lessons are designed to help those students that have difficulties passing the written test at the DMV or have special needs.

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