• We are currently hiring licensed driving instructors

    We are looking for enthusiastic and friendly people that would like to make a difference in people's life. We train teens and adults to drive with the help of special car equipment such as dual brake and gas pedals on the instructor's passenger seat.

    Job requirements:

    • We need responsible and dedicated full-time and part-time driving instructors.
    • Must have reliable people skills, be friendly, patient, professional appearance, and excellent customer service.
    • Our students are available after school, on weekends, on holidays, and during summer break. We are open seven days a week so we offer a flexible schedule.
    • Must speak fluent English and possess excellent communication skills. Bilingual is a plus.
    • Necessary computer abilities and reliable transportation are needed.
    • Current driving instructor license.
    • All-female applicants are highly encouraged to apply, but all applicants are welcome for the position.

    If you do not have a driving instructor license but are interested of getting one, you can fill the job application too and contact us for more information on how to get one at no cost with our help.

    The State of California requirements to get a driving instructor license:

    • Must possess and be able to show at least an original HS Diploma or GED certificate to qualify.
    • Must be 21 years old or older and have an excellent driver's license record and a valid social security card.
    • National finger-print LIVE scan, comprehensive criminal background check, DMV physical, and drug testing are required.
    • Proof of completion of training.
    • Clean Driving Record.
    • Medical exam.

    Salary: $15-$20 /hour depending on experience and performance